Democratic Primary voters in Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District deserve positive communications.  They need to see that Don Samuels is a man of integrity who has always worked to organize his community to reduce crime and gun violence.

Don is uniquely qualified to meet this moment and and lead the difficult conversations ahead about crime and police reform.

Examples of his leadership include:

A month after Don and Sondra moved into their North Minneapolis home, a bullet came through the front window. The Samuelses did not run away nor hide in their home. They started to organize, hosting block club meetings in their living room with a continental breakfast once a month. Eventually, his neighbors asked him to run for the City Council.

After Philando Castile was killed, Don Samuels started the Lights On program, where instead of a ticket or a confrontation, a driver who has a light out on their car and is pulled over now gets a voucher from the police officer to fix it for free up to $250 all across the state of Minnesota, and now in 15 other states. Don started this program and still raises all the money for the program in Minnesota.

After George Floyd was killed, Don Samuels held a one month daily Healing Our City gathering, which included leaders from all faiths—Buddhists, Hindu, Jewish, and people of all denominations—coming together to spend 8 minutes and 34 seconds in silence to honor George Floyd. Thousands of people attended. During the Chauvin trial, and in the midst of a pandemic, Don revived it online for 72 days with up to 800 people online, holding this city together in hearts across all faiths.

Don and Sondra were part of the successful lawsuit last year by residents of North Minneapolis against the City of Minneapolis to get the police patrols and number of police required by the city charter.  The Minnesota Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of Samuels and his neighbors and ordered the case back to the appellate court to work with the city to hire more police officers.  This will put over 150 more officers on the streets to help alleviate the rise in violent crimes across all parts of the city.

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